My heart skips a beat for intimate details, champagne toasts, cloud-stacked skies, traveling to faraway destinations, and the way my three pups think they're actual humans.

Capturing your vision and translating it into heirlooms as stunning as the seashell-lined shores is an extension of my ethos. Nostalgic by nature, it's my mission to tell your story with artful simplicity. 

I take my latte with lavender and vanilla & my tequila with lime and salt. If you don't find me at home with my husband and our three pups, I'm immersing myself in landscapes from the sea to the snow.

I've spent my life in pursuit of my dream career as an artist. One that operates from a place of intentionality, mindful practices, and honors connection through moments that become milestones.

It's my mission to hold space for humans to feel. To feel untethered by restrictions or rules of societal norms. 

I believe photos capture so much more than a visual representation of someone, they capture a moment in life, the soul the spirit at that moment and that is timeless, intimate, and irreplaceable.

The essence of your day is bottled up to reflect and retell these moments for generations.

THE Maryland based creative photographer capturing connections across the globe. 

A glimpse into my world 

from the sea to the snow


Best friend/travel partner/dog dad

GOLDEN HOUR, salty breezes, human connection, sustainable energy, FILM PHOTOGRAPHY & Intimate moments

Inspired By

Imagine if all the thoughtful details of your day were considered and translated to you being present in the moment. You and your people have done all you need to do. Now all you have to do is be present. I'll be there by your side capturing it all. 

As a storyteller of dawn to dusk; I bottle up moments that capture all the deeply human pieces of you. I am here to tell the visual stories that words and memories cannot encompass. Consider this an invitation to experience every detail of your day.

I help you to relive your story as it felt. 


with an abundance of appreciation,

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At the core of my art is the desire to reflect the feelings of your day in a heartfelt, honest, it’s-like-you’ve-known-us-forever kind of way. 

My Guiding Compass

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With refreshed perspectives garnered from intentional travel, the endless creative ideas flow and are a true celebration of your legacy.

My Guiding Compass

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Creativity knows no bounds as nature and the natural world around me impact each photograph. 

My Guiding Compass

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I believe the best moments are unscripted, full of feeling, and leave you wildly fulfilled.

My Guiding Compass

09. what is your biggest strength as a photographer?

Showing up in the depth of emotion, in the most intimate moments of peoples lives to capture things as they are and in their best light.

a. Birding
b. Hiking
c. Photography
d. All of the above

08. What's your favorite hobby

a.  Mallorca, Spain
b. Switzerland
c. Cape Town, South Africa
d. Amalfi Coast, Italy

07. Where would you travel to next, if you could go anywhere in the world?

a super extra skincare routine, followed by walking my dogs, then hitting the gym

06. what is your favorite morning routine?

a. Spicy Mezcal Margarita 
b. Deep Eddy's Lemon & Water
c. Extra Dirty Tito's Martini
d. Chardonnay

05. Drink of choice

My dogsKoda, Lucy & Tucker and my husband Jesse

04. What is one thing you can't live without?

a. Target
b. Anthropologie
c. LuLuLemon
d. South Moon Under

03. what is one store are you most likely to shop for life?

Iced lavender vanilla oat milk latte

02. How do you take your coffee?

a. Game of Thrones
b. New Girl
c. Nashville
d. All of the above

01. what is currently on Your Netflix Re-watch list?

How about one of my favorite past times? A quiz!

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Fur Babies


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