Xo, Cathryn

I’m Cathryn, but my people call me Cat and that now includes you! Have I mentioned that I’m glad you’re here yet? Because I am. 

The trick to this whole thing called life? To fall in love with it over and over again. Photography allows us to revisit the way a moment looked and experience how the moment felt. I'm known as the visual creative with my folk, and truth be told— it’s my language. I’m a storyteller of sunsets and risings. 

Connect to the feeling far greater than what words and memories could encompass.

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Engagements, Proposals, Maternity and all the moments in between.


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Consider this your invitation to experience every detail of your day for a lifetime. 


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Collaborating to create intentional imagery. 


Feel the moment for years to come.

Maya Basik

it felt like the entire world fell away and all that mattered was that experience there.

Highest of Praise

Dedicated to serving you and ensuring you love the experience just as much as the breathtaking collection I preserve for you for generations to come. With each capture, a feeling of pure joy enthralls you.

Galleries that capture how good a memory feels.

Images with soul. Celebrating the experiences of where you are in life. Getting lost in each other's eyes, sharing uncontrollable laughter with friends, or simply capturing the essence of your surroundings with beauty and depth in every detail. 

An eye for intimate details.

Revisit the very moment where all your smiles were centered around. Candidly speaking, I believe the most natural embodiment of energies are the candid captures. Aesthetics flow effortlessly like ripples in calm water and memories are bottled up to feel again and again long after the tides have changed. Interested in a candid focused session? Let's chat the abundance of possibilities!  

The present moment.

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